Busn697 | Operations Management homework help

Please answer original forum with a minimum of 250 words and respond to both students separately with a minimum of 100 words each 

First page Original forum with references

Second page  Jim response with reference

Third page Glenn response with references

Original Forum

In this week’s discussion, provide a career plan outlining your professional goals in your degree field for the next six months. Be specific and include the table (attached BELOW)provided in the weekly content section.

Degree filed- Supply Chain and Logistics Management 

Student Responses



Hello everyone,

My professional goals are not focused on moving positions with a specific company or organization.  I will choose to portray my outline as if I were trying to achieve a futuristic objective of moving up the ladder of progressive positioning.  Maybe someday I am called upon to lead the entire organization as a fill-in so my best approach is to learn while not in the seat but to be prepared.  The point in my discussion centers on the objective goal.

Objective:  Know and execute successful leadership and guidance of an organization.

Milestone: Research what a higher level employee does for the organization.  How do they do the job they do?  What do I need to know?

Obstacle: Learning tasks that I am unfamiliar with.  Some items are unfamiliar and I need to figure out how they are completed.  If you give me something and I am unable to comprehend the basics, they objective is delayed.

Solution: I will take the approach to speak with seniors in an extended similar position.  They can share the basic points of their job and I can use this as a foundation to grow my knowledge into the subjects.

Goal: Build a foundation of tasks, learn them in a reasonable timeframe, and enable simpler completion of the tasks based from knowing their objectives.  This will help me become the person able to fill in as needed.  I can show wealth in doing this job.  Even though I am not navigating into this position, I will have the basics of tools necessary to perform if called upon.


Glen Response



My Strengths

My key career strength is that I have an education and am currently completing my master’s degree. I engage in defining my personal strengths as part of understanding who I am as advised by Boles, (2013). My professional training program has seen me acquire skills that can be useful in a business environment, such as supply chain management, developing a resilient supply chain, and other additional skills such as database management. In addition, I am also interested in technology and its application in the business world, and this is my great passion. In addition, being conversant with items such as transportation costs, procurement processes, and the delivery process would make it easier to be more successful in this working environment.

Career Goals

One of my main goals within the six months is to secure employment within the field of supply chain management as a logistics analyst. The fashion industry is the key industry I am targeting to apply my skills as a supply chain logistics analyst. This is a keen field of interest because it highly depends on the applicability of logistics measures to ensure a sufficient movement of the products and raw materials from the producers to the customers. As a logistics analyst, I will be able to strategically analyze the transport communication and warehousing needs required to facilitate the movement of these goods and resources.

Course of Action

For me to secure employment as a logistics analyst, first, I have to develop my resume, which will clearly outline the key strengths I have in the field of the supply chain. I will then target opportunities in the leading fashion clothing line companies, especially for those with an international market. I might, however, need to be more flexible regarding my company selection to increase my chances of securing the employment position within six months.

Future Action

In the future, I intend to pursue a master’s degree specializing in supply chain management and use this opportunity to engage in research based on the subject.

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