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Please read the paper by Toby Stuart & James Weber: cited above. This is an interesting area of consulting due to the “fuzzy” aspects of a Merger & Integration (M&A) project. Is an M&A designed to be focused on integration or can it also allow for the independence of the targeted firm? Is there a third option?

Please write an individual paper with a minimum of 6 pages (NYT , 12 font, 1.5 space). The focus of the paper should be on the following:

1. What is the key takeaway of this paper? 

2. Is it a paradox to be integrated and simultaneously independent or can it be actually achieved?

3. If your firm was hired to advice Dr. Slaoui, what would you recommend and why?

4. Based on your recommendation on bullet 3, how would you know that your firm was successful in meeting the ask of the client?

Make sure to provide all your analysis and a full citation of all research materials you use in your work. 

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