Researched argument third draft | English homework help

 Week 15 – Assignment A – Writing Project 2 – Researched Argument Third Draft Due

This is your final draft for your Portfolio, so make it good!

When you write an academic essa’y, you’ll need to integrate sources into your writing. Quotations, summaries, and paraphrases will help you develop your argument but they cannot speak for you. You need to find a balance between the words of your sources and your own voice, so that your readers always know who is speaking in your pape’r–you or your source. This assignment is intended to help you review and use important strategies to integrate sources into your pape’r and maintain your own voice.

  1. Pay close attention to how to use sources and quotes effectively, especially how to use signal phrases to integrate and introduce sources in sentences.
  2. Read your Second draft of the Researched Argument carefully and check every paragraph where you used sources. If a source was not introduced or integrated properly and if it’s difficult to distinguish between your own idea and the idea of your source, you should revise the sentences so that your source is acknowledged and your voice comes out.
  3. Read the 2 documents attached – a Word handout attached here: 
    1. Introducing and Integrating Sources, and
    2. PowerPoint “Integrating Sources”.
    3. Think about how you’re using your sources (to provide context, to define, to prove a point, to discuss implications, etc.).
    4. index of templates from They Say I Say (1).doc
  4. Use the examples provided in the handout and the PowerPoint, where the authors provide model signal phrases and sentences with sources, to revise your essa’y sentences with sources within your essa’y.
  5. After you revise your sentences, highlight the revisions you have made, save as Third Draft, and post this draft here.
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