Need help with final art assignment project—due fri 11/19/2021

 making your own work of art. 

This can be accomplished in any medium (painting, drawing, sculpture, found objects, photography, video, fabric, etc.). The work of art you produce should be inspired by an artwork, artist, or artistic movement we have discussed in class.

In addition to producing a work of art you will need to write a brief 100 word statement. In this statement you need to address the following three things.

  1. Briefly describe the work of art you produced. Tell me what materials you used, the artwork’s size and scale, and describe the subject matter and content (the message you want your work of art to convey).
  2. You will then need to briefly discuss the artwork, artist, or artistic movement that inspired your work of art. Provide some background information.
  3. Lastly discuss how your work of art connects to the the artwork, artist, or artistic movement you discussed in part 2. 
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