Lululemon athletica inc. | Accounting homework help

Find the Financial Statement of the company and also share the same with the assignment.

Use Graphs, Predictions, Stock Information to support everything with APA style reference.

In a 5 page Memo please address the following questions regarding the Vancouver-based company Lululemon Athletica, Inc.

1. Please briefly highlight the salient points you observe in the company’s financial statements. (300 words) support with evidence

2. Based on your analysis please analyze the company’s cash position (300 Words) support with evidence

3. Based on the results of the company how will the Lululemon bonds perform? (300 Words) support with evidence

4. Based on the results of the company how will the Lululemon stock perform? (300 Words) support with evidence

5. Based on your research, how will the company (i.e. Lululemon) perform in the future? (300 Words). Support with evidence

Please provide supporting evidence for your analysis and base your conclusions on numerical evidence.

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