Assignment 4: evaluation planning | Nursing homework help

Evaluation Plan

A plan for evaluation should be correlated well with the specific program for which it has been developed. As you continue to work on Assignment 4, it is important to bear in mind that an evaluation plan is distinct from–yet aligned with–the program plan, and contains its own goals and objectives.

This week you integrate the knowledge and discernment you have developed to formulate a plan for how evaluation could be an integral part of your program.

To prepare for this week’s section of Assignment 4:

    Keep your own program in mind as your review the information presented in this week’s Learning Resources.

    Develop an evaluation plan that includes goals, objectives, and activities. Consider what type of data will be needed.

    Review your visual representation of your program plan design (Week 6), and incorporate your evaluation plan.

    Revise your Gantt chart (Week 6) to include your evaluation plan.

(***) To complete:

Write a 3- to 5-page paper that addresses the following:

Evaluation Methods (developed in Week 9)

    Identify an evaluation theory or model that is aligned to your program goal(s) and objectives.

    Exhibit a performance measurement, monitoring, and evaluation time line that:

        Demonstrates the appropriate use of performance measurement, monitoring, and summative evaluation

        Distinguishes between the long-term effects of impact evaluation versus short and intermediate health outcomes as a result of the implementation of the program

Evaluation Plan (developed this week)

    Develop an evaluation plan that includes goals, objectives, and activities. Specify the type of data needed.

    Add your evaluation plan to the visual representation (e.g., table or graph) of your program plan design.

    Add time line information for the evaluation plan to your Gantt chart.

    Note: In addition to your paper, be sure to submit the following (which may be contained in a separate document):

        An updated version of the visual representation (e.g., table or graph) of your program design that includes your evaluation plan

        An updated version of your Gantt chart that includes your evaluation plan

Be sure to make revisions to these items based on any feedback you received from your Instructor when you submitted them in Week 6.

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