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YOUR DIAGRAM FOR assignment.

 An essential tool in both process improvement and workflow automation is a process flow to understand the dynamics of how work is performed. Share the workflow chart for your selected business process from the Topic 1 assignment. What information differs from process improvement to technology optimization when creating the workflow? 

Business process modeling uses a unified modeling language. Data flow diagrams use either Gane and Sarson Symbols or Yourdon Symbols. Business process modeling is a visual representation of how the process runs. Data flow diagrams focus on how the data moves through a process or system.

Note that your diagram for this post should show the “As is Process” or the process before the improvement as you described it in your problem statement assignment.

The diagram that should be included in assignment 2 is the “To be Process” or process after the improvement.

You can use to produce your diagrams.

I’ve attached an example for an “As is Process” workflow diagram of a payroll process I did for an organization three years ago. Also, please review figures 2.21 and 2.22 on page 54 of chapter 2 from the M Information Systems textbook I provided.

Bangerter, J. (2021). Data flow diagram symbols, types, and tips. Retrieve from:


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