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  1. Cover page
  2. Overview describing the importance of the research topic to current business and professional practice in your own words.
  3. Purpose of Research should reflect  the potential benefit of the topic to the current business and professional practice and the larger body of research.
  4. Review of the Literature summarized in your own words. Note that this should not be a “copy and paste” of literature content, nor should this section be substantially filled with direct quotes from the article. A literature review is a summary of the major points and findings of each of the selected articles (with appropriate citations). Direct quotations should be used sparingly. Normally, this will be the largest section of your paper (this is not a requirement; just a general observation).
  5. Practical Application of the literature. Describe how your findings from the relevant research literature can shape, inform, and improve current business and professional practice related to your chosen topic.
  6. Conclusion in your own words
  7. References formatted according to APA style requirements

Please choose the topic from the list

  Financial Markets  Capital Allocation Process  Debt, Equity and Derivative  Securitization  Mortgage-backed securities  Federal Reserve Policy  Investment Fund  Regulation of Financial Institution  U.S. Stock Market  Financial Statements & Reports  Working Capital  Sarbanes-Oxley and Financial Fraud  Performance Evaluation  Return on invested capital  The Federal Income Tax System  Corporate Capital Gains  Financial Analysis & Financial Ratios  Common Size Analysis & Trend Analysis  Comparative Ratios & Benchmarking  Time Value of Money  Perpetuities & Annuities  What loans really cost  The Great Recession of 2007  Bonds Market  Credit Default Swaps  Sinking Funds  Determinants of Market interest rates  Bond Ratings  The term structure of interest rates  Bankruptcy & Reorganization  Financing with Junk Bonds  Investment Returns & Risk  What does investment risk mean?  Risk in a portfolio context  Diversification and Multi-Stock Portfolios  Capital Asset Principal Model  Bernie Madoff Story  The Efficient Markets Hypothesis  The Fama-French Three-Factor Model  Corporate Valuation and Stock Prices  Do stock values affect long term or short-term cash flows?  Why are stock prices so volatile?  Financial options  Employee Stock Options  The Black-Scholes Option Price Model (OPM)  Taxes and Stock Options  The Weight Average Cost of Capital  Corporate Valuation and the Cost of Capital  Global Variation in the cost of capital  Managerial Issues and the Cost of Capital  Capital Budgeting  Capital Rationing  Risk Analysis in Capital budgeting  Risk Analysis  Project Valuation  The cash flow effect of asset purchases and Depreciation  Externalities  Tax Depreciation  Financial Planning  Implementing the Target Capital Structure  Economies of Scale  Conflicts between stockholders & Creditors  Conflicts between managers & shareholders  Monitoring and Discipline by the Board of Directors  Charter provisions and by laws that effect the likelihood of hostile takeovers  Using compensation to align managerial and shareholder interests  Capital Structure and Internal Control systems  Environmental Factors outside a firm’s control  Stock Repurchase  Tax Effect Theory  Dividend Irrelevance Theory  Empirical Evidence on Distribution Policies  The impact of Distribution on Intrinsic Value  The pros and cons of dividends and repurchases  Capital structure  Business risk and financial risk  Capital structure theory  Using the Black-Sholes Option Pricing Model to value equity  Managing the maturity structure of Debt  Supply Chain Management  Credit Policy  The cost of trade credit  Revolving credit agreement  Multinational versus domestic Financial Management  Exchange rates  Exchange rates & international trade  The international monetary system and exchange rate policies  Purchasing power parity  International Money and Capital Markets 

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