Treatment planning | Social Science homework help

Writing an effective treatment or intervention plan is a collaborative process with the client.  You also need to focus on using specific and measurable language.  Choose 3 of the following statements and rewrite them as a specific goal with 2-3 measurable action steps.  For example:

“Promote Emotional Wellbeing”  could be written as:

Goal: “Client will start an Emotional Wellness Program”

Objective 1: Attend a training on mindfulness

Objective 2: Walk 20 minutes every day

Objective 3: Keep a gratitude journal for 2 weeks.

Choose 3 of the following vague statement to rewrite with objectives:

  • Increase self-awareness
  • Find adequate housing
  • Facilitate adequate functioning
  • Accept physical disability
  • Dress appropriately
  • Increase motivation
  • Show interest
  • Respond appropriately
  • Improve self-concept
  • Develop a relationship
  • Decrease hostile attitue.
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