high school physics need done asap today 12 questions

1. A bullet with a mass of 5.00 ´ 10656-08-02-00-00_files/i0200000.jpg kg is loaded into a gun. The loaded gun has a mass of 0.52 kg. The bullet is fired, causing the empty gun to recoil at a speed of 2.1 m/s. What is the speed of the bullet?



2.On a pool table, a moving cue ball collides with the eight ball, which is at rest. Is it possible for both balls to be at rest after the collision? Use the law of conservation of momentum to explain your reasoning.



3.In the following sentence, is the everyday meaning or the scientific meaning of work intended?

A coach does work on the bleachers by moving them into place before the basketball game.



4.A toy car X of mass 0.200 kg moves along a frictionless surface with a velocity of 0.180 m/s. It collides with another toy car Y, with a mass of 0.250 kg and a speed of 0.130 m/s in the same direction. After the collision, toy car X continues to move in the same direction with a velocity of 0.177 m/s. Calculate the speed of toy car Y after the collision.



5.Air exerts a force on a leaf as it falls from a tree to Earth. Is the work done on the leaf positive, negative, or zero?



6.An astronaut with a mass of 85 kg is outside a space capsule when the tether line breaks. To return to the capsule, the astronaut throws a 2.0 kg wrench away from the capsule at a speed of 14 m/s. At what speed does the astronaut move toward the capsule?



7.Explain the scientific meaning of work



8. Is it possible for a spaceship traveling with constant velocity to experience a change in momentum? Explain your answer



9.A force is applied to stop a moving shopping cart. How would increasing the time interval change the force required?



10.How is work related to force and displacement?



11. Two carts with masses of 1.5 kg and 0.75 kg, respectively, are held together by a compressed spring. When released, the 1.5 kg cart moves to the left with a velocity of 3.4 m/s. What is the velocity of the 0.75 kg cart? (Disregard the mass of the spring.)



12.A car travels at a speed of 25 m/s on a flat stretch of road. The driver must maintain pressure on the accelerator to keep the car moving at this speed.

Are any forces doing work on the car? Explain your answer.


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