Csis 325 week 1 questions (liberty)


1.      In a systems development methodology, the following graphical model should be produced

2.      Which of the following is not a common characteristic of data quality

3.      Nonprocedural access to a database

4.      Reliable and efficient processing of large volumes of repetitive work. DBMSs ensure that simultaneous users do not interfere with each other and that failures do not cause lost work.

5.      A graphical representation that depicts things of interest (entities) and relationships among entities.

6.      which of the following indicates poor data quality

7.      With regards to transaction processing and dbms should be capable of

8.      which of the following statements is not true of a desktop DBMSs

9.      which of the following statements is not true of a DBMSs

10.  Converting from an ERD to a table design

11.  a management position that performs planning and policy setting for the information

12.  which of the following is not a common feature of most dbmss

13.  an industry standard database language that includes statements for database definition

14.  activity that produces a table design from an erd

15.  the sql database language includes statements for

16.  activity that removes redundancy in a table design

17.  nonprocedural access to a database

18.  which of the following statements is not true of information resource management

19.  Which of the following is not a goal of database development

20.  a support position that specializes in managing individuals databases and DBMSS



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