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Unit I Homework Part 1—Chapter 13: Complete Exercise 3 (Modify This) on page 302. Complete Exercise 5 (Introductory) on page 302. Part 2—Chapter 14: Complete Exercise 2 (Try This) on page 322. Complete Exercise 11 (Intermediate) on pages 325-

Part 3: In Part 3 of this assignment, you will create pseudocode and a flowchart that contains the pretest and posttest looping statements. In a Microsoft Word document, complete the following: 1. Jane is standing an unknown number of steps away from a door. First, write the pseudocode that contains pretest (i.e., Algorithm 1) and posttest (i.e., Algorithm 2) algorithms that instruct Jane to walk from her current position to the door. Be sure to include the selection structure to Algorithm 2 to determine if Jane is standing in front of the door. Review pages 294-296 for help with this. 2. Desk-check the algorithms (see page 295 for examples on how to conduct the desk-check). 3. Create a flowchart containing the diamond which represents the pretest loop’s condition in Algorithm 1 (use the Insert -> Shape -> Flowchart tools in Microsoft Word to create the flowchart). 4. Create a flowchart containing the diamond which represents the posttest loop’s condition in Algorithm 2 (use the Insert -> Shape -> Flowchart tools in Microsoft Word to create the flowchart). Part 4: In Part 4 of this assignment, you will create an application that plays a sound while the application is running. In Visual Basic, complete the following: 1. Complete the exercise on page 312 of your textbook (#1-4). You will need the Spaceship Solution (Spaceship Solution.sln) file and an audio (.wav) file. Please be sure the audio file is professional and safe for work. Use any audio file you like—use your own or select one from Save each Visual Basic file and the Microsoft Word document before submitting them in Blackboard for grading. Click here for a brief tutorial on submitting more than one file for one assignment. Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment

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