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     Corporation society responsibilities influence a lot in our life and society. I listed three kinds of importance to our society of corporations. That’s also why corporation society responsibility is important to our society.

Firstly, the main body of the enterprise market, the object that it contacts directly is the person, the market and the society. Corporate social responsibility can stabilize employment and achieve harmonious economic and social development. It plays an important role in protecting resources and environment, realizing sustainable development of enterprises and society, and promoting the formation of a stable and orderly situation. For example, Starbucks’ plan to hire 10,000 refugees across 75 countries in the next five years(Josh Boak, Associated Press,2017)

    Secondly, corporations are large social organizations. They account for a great deal of social source and employ a large number of employees. Many corporations have great influence on society. Corporations shoulder responsibility actively can set examples for society and citizens. Also, the size of the business is so large that small changes make difference. The economic strength of enterprises is stronger than that of individuals, and the proportion of social contributions made by enterprises is larger, which is very important to society.

    Thirdly, the essential attributes of enterprises should be social organizations. When a corporation is shouldering society responsibility positively, public will respect the corporation more. Corporation social responsibility can promote sales, and people will be more willing to buy the products and services of the enterprise. The company can also make greater contributions to society. Although it seems like corporation social responsibility can only promote itself, the society is under the benefits as well.


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