Case study 2 | Biology homework help

In the Case Study Wiki, post answers to the following questions from Chapter 8 of the Cohen text. (You will be assigned one to three of the questions below.) Post a brief summary of the issues mentioned below, as if you were a news reporter for advocacy efforts in Senegal.

a. What does APROFES stand for? What type of advocacy efforts have they engaged in?

b. What is Mrs. Bineta Sarr’s definition of advocacy and how does she differentiate lobbying and advocacy?

c. Describe Senegal’s history of what types of laws Senegal had in place prior to the 1990s to protect women against violence.

d. Describe what APROFES did to further the advancement of legislation to protect women, specifically the passage of Law 06-99.

e. What challenges will APROFES face moving forward as an organization?

f. Specify some of the allies APROFES has built relationships with.

g. What crucial lessons did APROFES learn from the trial involving the death of Doki Niasse in 1992?

h. How did APROFES use these lessons in advocacy efforts surrounding future trials?

What three major partnerships with NGOs has APROFES established?

j. Describe any criticism APROFES has experienced and what is their response is to the criticism.

k. Summarize the six lessons from APROFES’s experience for national-level advocacy.

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