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Psychoeducation AssignmentThe purpose of this assignment is to assist field placement students in demonstrating practice-based therapeutic skills/techniques to a client and/or family member/caretaker his/her DSM-V diagnosis in a clear, client-friendly and understandable manner. The student will choose a client with a DSM-V diagnosis. Student will research the client’s diagnosis, create a “tip sheet”, “fact sheet”, or “brochure” that explains the diagnosis in “layman’s term”, which will be explained to the client at the clinical meeting (face-to-face). Student MUST demonstrate discussing this diagnosis with the client in the field placement setting. If no client is available, then the student MUST demonstrate skill via role playing with the student’s field instructor, task instructor, or another identified agency personnel.For this assignment, you can use your client from the psychosocial assessment, case vignettes, or a current client from your field placement.The paper should be 4-6 pages long, written in APA Style (excluding the title and reference pages). No Abstract required. A minimum of 4 scholarly, peer-reviewed articles/sources. The research cited in the paper must come from peer reviewed sources that are reputable. Whichever tool that you chose to create and utilize, upload it (tip sheet, brochure, or fact sheet) along with your paper in eCourseware. LATE PAPERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Psycho-educational Rubric

Total Points 20Evidence of completion of the client interview will be documented by writing a brief, but detailed introduction of your client situation to include: their age/age-range; sex/gender, DSM-IV diagnosis, psychosocial stressors (trauma, mental health issues, substance abuse, sexual orientation, disability, etc.), and life experiences, employment, strengths, etc.
Identify and describe the DSM-V diagnosis. Include symptoms/symptomatology that may be exhibited by the client.
Select an evidence-based intervention that is found effective with this diagnosis.
Discuss and provide an overview of what the research literature and other sources say about the evidence-based interventions that are most effective with the treatment of the diagnosis.
Provide a rationale for selecting this particular intervention. Why might this intervention be appropriate for the identified diagnosis?
Describe why you chose this intervention for your client? Include a description as to why you feel this is the appropriate intervention for treatment. Discuss your decision based on what the literature says, your understanding of what the client would best respond to, or a combination of both?

Close with a discussion of your own feelings/reactions to explaining to a client, his/her family member/ caretaker the DSM-V diagnosis that you identified. What did you feel that you do/did well? What are your areas of growth in the process? What did you learn about this experience? What would you do differently? Include your feedback from the client, field instructor/task instructor, or another agency personnel about your delivery.
/7Psycho-educational TIP SHEET/1
Paper is professional and follows NASW Code of Ethics, APA format, well-organized, graduate-level writing, critical thinking, and error-free (proper spelling and grammar)./2

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