The wrong ruling on vouchers outlines

I need an outline to The Wrong Ruling on Vouchers which is an article that can be found on this site need an outline for this article. I nees a thesis statement that should be stated clearly, the premises should be listed (use Roman numerals for premises), and the supporting points for each premise should be under each premise (use capital letters for supporting points). In addition, you should include how the essay’s author addresses opposing viewpoints (this is what “any objections considered” means in the assignment) and how the essay is concluded. Be sure to label these parts clearly so I can distinguish them from the premises. In this context, the “conclusion” isn’t necessarily the same thing as the thesis statement (the main point), it means how the author brings the essay to a close. Often, the thesis will be restated in slightly different words, so perhaps the conclusion (final section) of the essay will contain the conclusion (the main point).

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